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Years produced: The robot will be released in early August (7th) 2004
Units made:
Original price: 699.00

General Info:

Near Me. A very lifelike Robotic cat. The cat has 15 motors and moves & acts like a real cat. Each leg moves 2 ways (8 in total), the head moves 2 ways, so does the tail! The eye lids, mouth and ears move one way for a total of 15 moving parts on this cool cat. The robot has 7 sensors. Sensors on the head, cheeks, under the chin and back, internal sensor so it knows when held or picked up or when some one is violent to it. Microphones in the cat's head so the robot can detect sound and the source of the sound, and object sensor to detect anything that moves in front of it.  The cat like the other robot cat it is designed from NeCoRo (Sold for 1500.00), does not walk, since the mecha cat's purpose is to be a lap cat for seniors but the robot sits, stands, lays down, stretches, and all other cat like movements such as pawing at toys or washing of the face, etc. 

Near Me has it's own emotions and desires and will change it's personality depending on how the owner treats it. If neglected, the cat will be bored and less outgoing wanting to close his eyes lie down and sleep. If cared for properly, the robot will be loving and playful, don't pamper too much or the robot will be selfish or spoiled.

This is the next closest thing you can get to a real cat except you don't have to worry about the litter box or vet bills. Great for someone with allergies. Your cat will be shipped from Japan in August or when Near Me is released. The robot is not available out of Japan, and is very popular in the country. Please email me with any questions and please read the shipping and refund below.

The cat is 320 x 260 x 220 mm comes with charging adaptor and charging battery pack. Near Me comes in two colors: American Short Hair Tabby & Long Hair White.


Dimensions: 320 x 260 x 220 mm


1) Responds to human movement/emotions
2) Has feelings and desires, and its personality will adjust to its owner
3) Remembers its name and acknowledges its name when called
4) Synthetic fur gives it a feline appearance, so it feels natural to treat it like a cat, stroking and hugging it

Outer dimensions: 260mm x 160mm x 320mm (excluding tail)
Weight: 1.6 Kg (when battery is inserted)
Fur material: Acrylic (gray or brown)
Sensing and recognition
  • Tactile sensors are embedded in the head, chin and back, so it can recognize stroking and patting
  • A microphone is in the head, so it can detect sound and recognize the source of the sound
  • As it's name is called over and over it will remember its name and react when called
  • Within its scope of vision, it can perceive the direction of moving objects
  • An internal acceleration sensor allows it to know its position when cradled or spun around
  • Feeling generation mechanism
  • Equipped with Omron's proprietary MaC (Mind and Consciousness) technology, feelings are generated according to recognition feedback, which isdependent on configurations based on psychological concepts, leading to cognitive decisions andactions determined by these feelings (applicablepatent acquired)
  • Feelings of satisfaction, anger, and uneasiness generated based on recognition feedback
  • Desires to sleep or be cuddled generated according to physiological rhythms
  • Via a learning function, personality traits such as selfishness and the need for attention will change in response to the owner
  • Via a growth function, expressive patterns in reaction to the owner will increase
  • Actuators
    4 legs (each with two degrees of freedom), tail with two degrees of freedom, neck with two degrees of freedom, and eyelids, ears, and a mouth each with one degree of freedom, for a total of 15 degrees of freedom. Equipped with many movement patterns and a voice speaker, 48 different cat sounds can be vocalized.



    Battery and Charger info:

    Replaceable nickel hydrogen battery (Ni-MH)
    Battery is good for 1 hour and 30 minutes of operation (battery is charged to full capacity in 2 hours)




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